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Father’s Day 2018 at the Museum…

Father’s Day 2018 was spent at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum in Vista CA.

This is actually of my favorite places to visit for any reason, but to go there and sell things makes it even better.

On two weekends in June and October each year they have lots of machinery running as well as a “Tractor Parade”.

Besides the collection of tractors there is a row of stationary gas engines and a row of steam engines.

The small gas engines have a bit of nostalgia as the person who treated out seed grain in Lewiston, Utah all those years ago used a small engine like these to power the process.

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A trip to Running Springs

On May 12th we went to a craft fair in Running Springs, located in the San Bernardino Mountains.

We left home about 7:00 am and drove up to the event. We arrived about 8:00 am and began setting up for the fair.

Overall I think there were about 40 vendors with a variety of products.

The sun was out and it looked to be a nice morning with a bit of cloud cover but not too much.

After setting up the weather began to get colder and a fog moved in.

By noon we were glad to have brought a portable propane heater with us.

At the close of the event we packed up as quickly as we could and headed home.

By now the fog was really thick and visibility was quite limited. When we got to the Main Street to leave there was a head on accident and we had to go around the block a bit to avoid it.

Once again to prove that there is really an evil prankster hidden in Google Maps it took home in a completely different direction than we use to get there. The fog continued almost until we got to San Bernardino but we did make it home.

If the weather had been better we would have made a better day of if, but I am doubtful if we will go back there at least until the weather becomes warmer than it was that weekend.

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A day at the Riverside Art Market

Saturday April 21, 2018 was the 5th Annual Riverside Art Market.

This was held at the Riverside Art Museum and the Riverside Metropolitan Auditorium in downtown Riverside.

We began our set up on Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

I returned Saturday at 8:00 am and finished setting up and was ready for business when the Market opened at 11:00 am.

We had a very good day of sales which included some of everything we took.

There was also entertainment wandering about.

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Woman’s Club of Orange – December 2, 2017

The Woman’s Club of Orange is located at 121 South Center Street, Orange. It was a successful event with many vendors, making it fun to shop and please every patron who attended. The event was coordinated by Pat Longwell.  She and club members were in attendance to greet vendors and assist with setup.  The members also  decorated the hall and facility.  The weather was perfect, the threat of rain vanished and it was very pleasant to be outdoors in California.  A Taco vendor was setup outside during the event and tacos were delicious.  A sitting area for eating was created in the garden path.  Our top sellers were Yarn Spinners, Tops, and Bowls.   And we also sold Pens, Steam-rippers and a Pepper Mill. We thank the Woman’s Club of Orange members for hosting the event and look forward to the next one!