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Woman’s Club of Orange – December 2, 2017

The Woman’s Club of Orange is located at 121 South Center Street, Orange. It was a successful event with many vendors, making it fun to shop and please every patron who attended. The event was coordinated by Pat Longwell.  She and club members were in attendance to greet vendors and assist with setup.  The members also  decorated the hall and facility.  The weather was perfect, the threat of rain vanished and it was very pleasant to be outdoors in California.  A Taco vendor was setup outside during the event and tacos were delicious.  A sitting area for eating was created in the garden path.  Our top sellers were Yarn Spinners, Tops, and Bowls.   And we also sold Pens, Steam-rippers and a Pepper Mill. We thank the Woman’s Club of Orange members for hosting the event and look forward to the next one!

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