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Gathering some Eucalyptus Wood in San Diego

On February 19, 2018 we went to San Diego, CA to look at some Eucalyptus wood behind a friend’s house.

The first surprise was that there was no road behind her house to where the wood was located.

The second surprise was that not only was there no truck access to the wood it would have to be carried out up hill from where the tree was located.


After going back to get the chain saw I went back down and began to cut up the large branch that had fallen from the tree. It looks to have fallen about 30 feet and knocked down part of an old abandoned wood play house.

I cut off three pieces from the branch and quickly realized they were too heavy to carry out so I then cut them in half length wise and began the job of carrying them out.

After carrying the wood up to the truck we returned home.

Over the next couple of days I cut these pieces in half and then roughed out twelve bowls.


After roughing out the bowls I put them in pails full of shavings to slow down the drying process and will check on then every month or so until they are ready to finish turn.

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