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A UFO has landed!

One of the YouTube channels I frequently is Brendon Stemp.

He is a very accomplished wood turner located in Australia.

Two different videos inspired making this project: and

I started off with one of the slabs from a large Ficus tree that we got some wood from in 2017.

I roughed out the bowl and then cut a deep wide groove in what would become the top of the bowl.

I then used hot melt adhesive to attach some Eucalyptus Seeds in the groove. After the glue had set and cooled I then filled the groove with Liquid Diamonds Resin and placed it into my pressure pot and waited about 48 hours to make sure the resin had fully cured.

Once it was out of the pressure pot I began turning it.


I then reversed the bowl and hollowed out the inside.


After finishing off the bottom of the bowl it told me it wanted a lid. With a nice final on it, thank you. Sorry no pictures of the lid being made.

The next request was to make three feet for it to stand on.

I then realized that a UFO had landed in my back yard!

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