Redheart Keychain Wand


Fine, closed grain makes this Central American hardwood machine easily & finish well. The unique brilliant red color with black undertones is unusual and unmatched in other exotic hardwoods. The Mayans refer to this hardwood is Chakte Koke. For best results in finishing, please use a UV inhibitor as the wood turns honey/brown when exposed to sunlight. We have had good results with keeping the red color of this wood when it is finished. Another nice aspect of this hardwood is that it is excellent for turning due to its great workability. It can be used by anyone from the beginner to the experienced wood turner. Cosmocalyx spectabilis.

Draws off the element of earth and water. Containing an overall bright and carefree energy, redheart is an excellent wood for those seeking to be able to focus more on the “here and now” rather than dwelling on past or possible future events. It allows one to follow their whims, set aside their fears, and move their life in an overall positive direction. It does not distract one from real threats, but rather removes the fear and doubt that can cloud our judgment and make us imagine things worse than they may actually be. This wood will aid a person in finding their personal truth, free of self-deception. Redheart is a resilient wood that is good at both conducting and holding energy. Redheart is a dense fine textured hardwood from Central America with a beautiful red heartwood color. As with many red colored woods such as Paduak and Bloodwood, Redheart will oxidize to a brown color if not protected by a UV blocking finish.

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