Purpleheart Wand


A brilliantly colored hardwood from South America, Purpleheart is very popular for its deep purple color. Ideal for inlay, marquetry, and other fine articles. Occasionally the trees produce either fiddleback or a ropey mottled curl from interlocked grain. The color is a pale brown when freshly cut, darkening to deep violet purple with UV exposure in a few days. The wood has coarse open grain and is dense and durable, so much that it can be used for wharf pilings and truck floors.

Seeks a wise and practiced companion of higher psychic ability. Used for protection, spirituality, success, and defense. Positive and creative, Purple heart is valuable in eliminating negative energy. Excellent for Divination. Purple Heart: Deep Purple. Very Dense. AKA: Amaranth, Nazareno, Violetwood

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