Mulberry Weed Pot


What is a weed pot? That’s a very fair question? One definition is: “any vessel for holding a single stem of grass or weed, that isn’t a normally accepted vase shape”. It’s that simple. If it’s capable of holding a scrap of grass, a cotton tail or a ear of wheat, then it fits the bill, regardless of shape, or material.

Mulberry is an easy to work species that works and finishes well.  It ages from a golden honey brown to a reddish brown over time. The density ranges from .55 to .69.  It is open grained and has no apparent odor. It is seldom ever harvested for timber as the tree is relatively small and is not readily available like the other commercial species. Mulberry is a great species for beginners and experts alike!  Its easy turning and working properties make it ideal for your turning projects.  Freshly cut and fully wax sealed in February 2018, this will require twice turning. A lot of these have nice fiddleback on top of the beautiful coloration they will acquire.

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