Lacewood Cupcake Box


4” X 3-1/2” high.

Despite being from Brazil and not from Australia, Brazilian Lacewood is still dubbed “lacewood” due to the medular rays that are similar to traditional Lacewood. Brazilian Lacewood has wider and thicker medular rays than Australian stock which allows more lumber to show the quarter sawn flecking when it is slightly off quarter. The wood is slightly coarser than traditional Lacewood and is susceptible to planer bite if blades are not sharp. It is a light weight exotic that is mills easily, kiln dried easily, and is relatively inexpensive as an exotic. The wood is not an irritant in most of the population unlike Austrailian Lacewood which effects about 20% of the population. A great selection for accent wood in boxes and more. Roupala Brasilences.

Lacewood is full of positive energy, lucky, and useful in divination.

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