Jacaranda & SpectraPly Bowl


From a local tree harvested here in Corona.

The tree itself is a native of the sub-tropical regions of South America. It is best known for its profuse lavender colored blossoms that appear in late spring/early summer. These colorful profusions account for its popularity as an ornamental tree, although the bloom fall and the seed pods can present a cleaning nuisance depending on location. The trees can reach heights of up to 49 feet, so they can be quite good sized given time to grow.

In the United States, it grows in parts of Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. In Europe it is found along the Mediterranean coast of Spain, in southern Portugal, especially in Lisbon), and southern Italy where Naples and Cagliari are known for quite beautiful specimens. J. mimosifolia was introduced to Africa by way of Cape Town by Baron von Ludwig in about 1829. It is regarded as an invasive species in parts of South Africa. Elsewhere in Africa, Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, and Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, see the growth of many Jacarandas. The tree is potentially problematic in Queensland, Australia as the Blue Jacaranda has prevented the growth of some native species.

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