Camphor Bowl


Camphor has a distinctive smell when freshly cut. A little-known fact is that Camphor oil is the main active ingredient in commercial vapor rubs and home remedies. The tree typically grows as wide as it is tall, with many large branches creating what are called “crawls”. Camphor presents strong, dark grain against a yellow base and creates distinctive furniture. It’s also good for slabs in tables and shelves, as well as decorative veneers, executive desks, and turned or hand-carved bowls. With such strong grain patterns, quilting, curl, and even some burl are apparent. Without exception, Camphor produces a unique, wild look that cannot be replicated. Camphor has excellent decay and insect resistance. In the southeast USA, particularly north and central Florida, the tree has become invasive, especially on roadsides, pastures, and disturbed sites. 

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