Aspen Weed Pot


What is a weed pot? That’s a very fair question? One definition is: “any vessel for holding a single stem of grass or weed, that isn’t a normally accepted vase shape”. It’s that simple. If it’s capable of holding a scrap of grass, a cotton tail or a ear of wheat, then it fits the bill, regardless of shape, or material.

Aspen Weed Pot

Generally a turned weed pot is for dried flowers. The idea is that they are picked and put on display without the need to provide or maintain a water supply. However, if you can provide water, then the flowers will stay fresher longer. This project also shows you how to recycle a pill bottle as a water reservoir for your weed pot.

Heartwood tends to be a light brown. Wide sapwood is a pale yellow to nearly white, and isn’t clearly demarcated, tending to gradually blend into the heartwood.

So named because the tree’s leaves tremble and quake even in a light breeze. This is caused by the long, flatted stalks (called petioles) on which the leaves are attached to the branches.

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Aspen Weed Pot

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